Thursday, 12 February 2015


New Zealand is a great place to live.
There are no snakes and deadly spiders 
are kind of might even find Richie Mccaw!

New Zealand has a small population
of 4.5 million with auckland as the
largest city, and Wellington as
the capital city

In New Zealand ,there is one place called
Queens town.(you may of heard of it)
i've been there once or twice and
it was really fun. i want to go again.

That's why i suggest you sould chose New
Zealand for a holiday.


  1. Hi Corbin, I really agree with you! I liked how you put a few funny bits into your writing, They made me laugh a bit! :D

  2. That's a very interesting commentary on New Zealand. I like the way you've used a fresh approach and done it your own way. You could be a travel agent. Just be careful about your capital letters. Well done.

  3. Remember Corbin- our class rule is to check ALL your posts with me BEFORE publishing- that way we can be sure there are no mistakes. You have a worldwide audience! I love your blog design!

  4. Good job and you are so right

  5. I agree with you Corbin.No deeply snakes.Love the wrighting very discriptive love how you have compared our country

  6. Hi Corbin.
    That is great how you made this for your personal writing.
    I really thought it was intresting and great for people who haven't been to NZ.

  7. Wow Corbin your blog blew my socks off. Your New Zealand writing was AMAZING.