Monday, 25 May 2015

A Day in the Life of a Teacher

I see them sitting there chewing gum with their mouths open, I scream, “SPIT THAT GUM OUT!!” 
All the kids with gum threw it at me. 

“Go the the principal's office!” I bellowed
The kids looked at me funny, the bell rang.

Image result for a day in class from the teacher's point of viewThe kids were screaming as loud as they could as they ran outside. I went to grab my lunch but there was no lunch! I searched and searched but I couldn't find it. The kids that I sent to the principal’s office must have grabbed it on the way past and I still have a long 5 hours of hell… and no lunch!

The bell rang again and the kids screamed on their way in. Like usual I have a headache like the devil is in my head controlling me! My ears are ringing like fire bells. 

Three hours to go.....

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  1. An effective and funny piece of writing Corbin. You have used some good language too. I'm glad our days aren't really like that!