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Bridge to Terabithia Chapter Summaries

Chapter 1:Jesse Oliver Aarons, Jr.
Chapter 1 explains what the main character, Jesse Aarons lifestyle is all about.
He lives with his Mother, Father and his four sisters.
His Dad works and works on their farm and they are poor with not enough money to live off. Jesse gets annoyed by his sisters and likes to get out of the house and run, run, run. He runs in bare feet because he doesn’t have proper shoes.

I liked this chapter because it explains what Jesse likes all in one instead of explaining halfway through the story.

Chapter 2:Leslie Burke
Image result for bridge to terabithiaChapter 2 tells you about Jesse’s school and a new girl called Leslie Burke.
Jesse encounters her on the school bus.
Jesse’s music teacher is Miss Edmunds and she loves Jess’s art.

I like this chapter because it gives you a brief idea of the characters.

Chapter 3:The Fastest Kid In Fifth Grade
Jesse loves running he always wanted to be the fastest in 5th
grade. They were doing a running competition and Jesse was so fast then Leslie bet him and his dream was ruined.
I liked this chapter because it tells you what you need to understand about their school and more about what Jesse and Leslie like.

Chapter 4:Rulers of Terabithia
This is about when they find Terabithia. The bridge is a rope
that you swing across. Jesse and Leslie invented Terabithia after school when they ran into the forest and found a rope- the bridge to Terabithia (their imaginary kingdom).

I liked this chapter because in this chapter it sums up everything you need to know about Jesse and Leslie and explains a tiny bit about Terabithia.

Chapter 5:The Giant Killers
This chapter is about Leslie and Jesse getting back Janice avery because she took Jesse’s sister’s twinkies and because of that she said KILL HER, KILL HER, KILL HER.  Jesse and Leslie got back on her by writing a fake love letter and making her try find who it was after school and missed the bus trying and after school they found a giant in terabithia.  

I enjoy this chapter because Jesse and Leslie gave Janice avery a piece of their mind.

Chapter 6:The Coming of Prince Terrien
Christmas is here and Jesse decided to get Leslie a puppy
and decided to call him Prince Terrien because they wanted
him to guard terabithia… and he's a boy.

I liked this chapter because its about a season of joy and happiness.

Chapter 7:The Golden Room
Chapter 7 is about Jesse,Leslie,Mr and Mrs Burke painting one of their spare rooms golden and Jesse and Bill (Mr Burke) having a fight about if Jesse likes him or what not.

I liked this chapter because Jesse and Bill had a Fight.

Chapter 8:Easter
Easter has come around the corner quickly and this is the
only time Jesse’s family goes to church and the two oldest
girls in his family don't want to go and make an excuse to not go but they still went and Leslie went as well after Leslie went back with Jesse and his family and she is doubtful because Jesse’s little sister claims that sinners go to hell.

I liked this chapter because it makes me think about my religion and catholic faith.

Chapter 9:The Evil Spell
Jesse and Leslie have been unable to go to Terabithia for a while because of heavy rain, and when they get the chance they cross the creek but the water is much higher. Jess becomes more and more afraid to enter Terabithia and doesn’t tell Leslie after they visit terabithia they return to Jesse’s house to watch TV but Jess is still concerned about Leslie swinging over the creek into Terabithia.
I liked this chapter because they are going to take a risk to try and get back to terabithia.
Chapter 10:  The Perfect Day
It’s the weekend, and Jesse receives a call from Miss Edmunds asking him if he wants to come with her to visit a museum. He asks his mother and she say ‘yes’, but he doesn’t invite Leslie along because of his crush on Miss Edmunds. Jesse and Miss Edmunds spend a wonderful day at the museum, especially the art gallery, but when Jesse returns home his family was worried, not knowing where he’d gone he replied ‘I asked mum’. They all looked sad and upset and Jesse’s older sister finally tells him the sad news that Leslie has died.
This chapter had a lot of different emotions in it, from excitement, to sadness.  This chapter made me reflect on how we can lose a loved one so quickly in an accident.
Chapter 11: No!
Jesse learns that Leslie tried to swing over to Terabithia, but tragedy happened and the rope broke and sadly she drowned in the creek. Jesse accuses his father of lying about about Leslie death as she was such a great swimmer and runs from the house, until his father follows him in his truck and carries the sad Jesse into bed. Jesse has difficulty sleeping or accepting the reality of what has happened, feeling guilt for not inviting Leslie to come with him and Miss Edmunds, and the next morning appears to have forgotten what happened. But the strange way his family is acting eventually reminds him, as does his father’s statement that they are going to the Burke’s house to pay their respects.
This was a very sad chapter, losing a friend is so sad.  I feel for Jesse, as he has lost his best friend.

Chapter 12:  Stranded

Jesse and his family go and visit the Burke’s house, and Jesse seems distant from what’s happening to Leslie.  But then Leslie’s Dad hugs Jesse and thanks him very much for being Leslie’s best friend. When Jesse hears that Leslie is to be cremated he gets very upset and runs back to his house, where he has a fights and argument with his sister May Belle. He is very confused and upset, grabs the paint Leslie had brought for him for Christmas and pours it out in the creek. His father finds him there and tries to comfort him. Jesse asks his father if Leslie will go to Hell, his Dad explains to him she won’t. Jesse goes home still very upset and grieving for his best friend.  Leslie Dad arrives to drop off Leslie’s dog Prince Terrien.

This is another emotional chapter.  I like how Leslie’s Dad comforted Jesse and acknowledge their special friendship.

Chapter 13:Building The Bridge
The next morning Jesse returns to the creek without Leslie, he walks around kingdom they have built so far. He makes a funeral wreath for Leslie and floats in on the creek, then finds May Belle trying to cross the creek on a tree branch. He rescues her and tells her not to be afraid he will help her. School is difficult for Jesse to learn and concentrate after Leslie's death.  Mr Myers supports him through comforting words and helps him with his school work.  Then Leslie’s family move away. Jesse has a idea, and uses the wood from the Burke’s yard to build a bridge over the creek into Terabithia. He brings his sister May Belle across the bridge and tells her she is Terabithia new princess.  To have his sister with him at Terabithia seems to help him with the lost of his best friend Leslie.
I enjoyed the end of the story because it had a happy ending, and Jesse was able to move forward and enjoy Terabithia even without his friend.
I enjoyed this story because it gave me laughter, suspense and sadness. It told me how two friends can have such a special bond from when they first meet

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