Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Science graph Spud Gun

                                                  SPUD GUN


How far would the food go if we used different sized cylinder objects? small, medium and large


1. Different straws: Large, Medium, Small


1#  Potatoes carrot and kumaras
2# Pipes

How far? ~ Potato 4 tries each; medium straw (19.5 cm)

5.15m Sam
6m Corbin
7.8m Sam
8.22m Corbin
9.59m Sam
6.15m Corbin
8.7m Sam
5.38m Corbin


How far? 3 tries each: big straw (71cm) kumara, carrot or potato

1. kumara Corbin 16.6m
2.potato Sam 9.24m
3.kumara Sam 22.34m
4.potato Corbin 21.46 m
5.carrot Sam 16.83 m
6.carrot Corbin 19.64 m


How far? Potato 4 tries; little straw (9.5cm)

6.4m Sam
7.5m Corbin
5.5m Sam
6.4m Corbin
9.3m Sam
7.4m Corbin
9.1m Corbin
9.7m Sam


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