Thursday, 12 November 2015

Apparition of Mary

In the afternoon of Sunday 15 January, 1933 at about 7.00PM, Mariette Beco was in the kitchen with her mother while waiting for her younger brother Julien to arrive home at their house in Banneux (a Belgian village fifty miles north-east of Beauraing).She looked out of the window into the dark night again, to see if he was coming and was surprised to see a young lady out in the yard, seemingly made of light and smiling at her. Mariette noticed the oval light that surrounded her body she was bent slightly forward and inclined to the left and was wearing a long white gown with a blue sash, as well as a transparent white veil on her head. Mariette could see a golden rose on her right foot and a rosary with a golden chain and cross hanging on her right arm, which was joined to the left in prayer.

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