Tuesday, 10 November 2015

What We Learnt At Keeping Ourselves Safe

We learnt on keeping ourselves safe all the different types of abuse:

Sexual Abuse:
when someone touches or shows you something to that you don't 
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Physical Abuse:
when someone hurts you by touching you.

Cyber Abuse:
when someone hurts you on the Internet or shows you inappropriate pictures on the Internet.

Emotional Abuse:
when someone hurts you on the inside.

Family Violence:
when violence start because of family members drinking or violence happening to do with family.

Neglect: when you don't get what you need.

We also learnt if you don't like the way someone touches you, tell someone you can TRUST eg. Teachers ,doctors ,parents ,(unless its them abusing)police etc.

When your parents tell you off or ground you that's only a discipline and is not abuse.

The number one rule for keeping ourselves safe is speak confidently when you are talking don't mumble!

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